Cassidy - Oh My (Remix) Lyrics

Feat. Chubby Jag

Nigga oh my
Nigga oh my
I blow your ass with a 4.5
Nigga go by
You be so high
Nigga shoot crazy
Cause I’m too wavy like a boat ride
Real rappin’ had the grand poppin’
We are with the cold ties
We ain’t celebratin’
Nigga fuck around the whole crowd
Chubby got a bus and got his face shot
And they covered up
They’re so shy
Loyalty is screaming
Like Oh, my nigga
I just need an oh my nigga
These bitches are getting mad at me

Oh my goodness
Oh my goodness
Before I started rapping
If you see what I was trapping
I bet you be like oh my goodness
Oh my goodness
Oh my goodness
Oh my goodness
You niggaz wet, my niggaz strap
You got to shout like Oh my goodness
Oh my goodness
I flip a pack
And buy it to get it back
I am getting waxed
I got my momma like oh my goodness
Like oh my goodness
Yeah, she’s slacky
She’s clapping
I bet she’s wrong
Man, I just met a stripper
I got cash
She got ass I’m trying to smash
And she’s smackin’
Yeah, she’s smackin’
I know the thing where I’m from
They probably say that shit is ___(?)

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