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DISTURBED - The Vengeful One Lyrics

He is assuminÂ’ the game youÂ’re fakinÂ’
In the land of raw humanity
ItÂ’s as if the entire world
Fallen in love with their insanity
Hear the innocent voices scream
As they torment hit all of this
No forgiveness from all IÂ’ve seen
The degradation I cannot forget

Soul sleeps soundly in your beds tonight
Judgment falls up on you at first light

IÂ’m the hand of God
IÂ’m the dark Messiah
IÂ’m the vengeful one
Look inside and see what youÂ’re becominÂ’
In the blackest moment
Of a dyinÂ’ world
What have you become
Is the violence that urgent sound

(Verse 2)
The masses have been terrorized
The human predators all gone mad
Are reapinÂ’ profits for that mad in your eyes
The rabid media plays their roles
DonÂ’t give no flame of one plane surprise
Only too eager to sell their souls
For the apocalypse must be televised



When you die, youÂ’ll know why
For you cannot be saved when all the world is slavinÂ’
When you die, youÂ’ll know why
YouÂ’ll die, and know why
For you cannot be saved
This world is too depraved
YouÂ’ll die, youÂ’ll know why

(Chorus x2)

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Thanks to Rayth for correcting these lyrics

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