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Bobby Brackins - Mob With The Squad Lyrics

ft. Iamsu! & Jonn Hart

The Los Angeles Leakers
CanÂ’t do in my bed
LookinÂ’ for a girl with no penties on
We gonna get this thing rockinÂ’
Hit on that bombinÂ’, lose that all
I only got one question, You ever had a real nigga?
You should let me in
Always rappinÂ’, no new friends, I love my team

Come get the tworkinÂ’, bright like a ____(?)
By the end of the night girl, your legs will be open
The click is waiting, donÂ’t you wanna know me?
This guap does is own girl, come meet the homies
Mob with the squad x 5

We will start land now, start to live lavish
Baby if you love me, say my name, get a taddy
Squad alive, squad out of turn,
See you boy friend in the squad out of turn
We the nation thatÂ’s why they cominÂ’ now ooh yeah
You fallinÂ’ off better call me your name
I wanna hit her late night, baby we can get a play
Fuck with me but that ass get fatter

Mic check 1, 2
We both up in this club what you tryna do?
I told her that I love the way the body move
I asked her if sheÂ’s tryina to kick it no karate moves
I break up with that miss now
I told her that a real nigga is what sheÂ’s missinÂ’
If youÂ’ll come with me gonna be a lil different
Just tell me all I gotta do is pay attention



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