Cassidy - MMM (Remix) Lyrics

Feat. Maino, Papoose, Dave East, Uncle Murda, FAT TREL & Vado

Niggaz that I be with, they don’t need to know me
I kill niggaz
Bang, bang and then get away
That’s why a nigga gets his handcuffs on
Walkin’ to his crib
Like a ballerina on this tip toe
I’m strapped up like I’m ready for a battle rap, nigga
When I’m finished with the bo
He gonna look like he got ran up by a Cadillac, nigga

I tote up
I got pounds to sell
I’m Al bundy
I’m sitting on the couch with my butt broke
Put them on an ice-cream truck
Kill them on a one way
I found his remains on a Monday
And his brains on a Sunday

I got the Mac in the back seat
I tote the 4-4, I'm in love with Coco like the homie Ice T
I’m about to violate all of ya’ll lame niggas, Rest In Peace Chris Lighty
Ski mask, masked up black gloves black love wanna talk about wifey
She got me on lock so bad I need somebody to write me

I got the j-s on
Nigga wanna talk
I don’t talk
I only speak with a 4 clip
I never killed but I’m still like a good rick
I’m back with my bullshit
Of course he be winning
You see him he’s fresh
He’s trying to pull up

Time to hit them with a new remix
We give them a new paper
Bang on them like MMM
I got all the niggaz in the jail line
You think I have a plan?
Here you go now
I’mma free you all
He’s live but he still got BARS

I’m gonna sit with the old school
They consider me a star cause a nigga got bars
For my city right now
I’m into it right now

I fuck bad bitches
I fuck all bitches
But I always leave a cold case
Shake now with the mouth carefully
Let’s roll it
Have a nigga standing in the crib
For 20 pieces they make him smell the suitcase
I ain’t trying to hear that
Outside get your dope out
And I had to scoop out

I had the town on its place
They lookin’ funny when they see me
They they know they got to make another face
If you in motherfucker, put the read up
Nigga try to stitch your head up
You don’t talk money
Don’t say shit
If you don’t come to get the payment
You will be removed from the pavement
I’m with that white girl on a regular basis
I ain’t no racist
Protection of cases
Ain’t cool
Keep it 100

Bitch, this is really knockin’
This record is really popin’
Eyes on the block, really
Action girl, best on the world

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