Dustin Lynch - Hell Of A Night Lyrics

All we need is a July hot Saturday night
A couple cans all cool and the needle on full and a countryside
Yeah, a hot lil playlist of ur favorite songs
When I get u climbin' up in the cab of this truck
Yeah u know it's on, know it's on

Show u a side of these two lanes u've neva seen
Heatin' it up behind a high beam
Ooh, baby u and me, just a-runnin' down crazy
Flyin' high, livin' careless, on the edge of wild and reckless
Hold on tight, I'm bout to show u one hell of a night

(Verse 2)
So gimme that 'aw yeah', and take me there look
I'm a sucker for ur kiss, want to steal 'em from ur lips baby, like a truck
Foot heavy on the floorboard, everywhere we go
I'm talkin' once in a life time, blowin' ur mind
Burnin' down these back roads


(Guitar solo)

So gimme that 'aw yeah', and I'll give u that 'all night'
Girl, gimme that 'let's go', and I'll give u that good-good time


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