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Chris Brown - Time And A Place Lyrics

GIRL I WANNA be your lover
We can do this all night(right now)
But first let me get a little thang, gimme me
This never with a low, hit me
Under the hood, got a big himmy
Ooh yeah babe, you gonna feel it when you’ll vibe with me
We all know each other
From the minute you walked in the club
I ain’t gotta lie to you
Cuz you know it
I think I’m bout to fall in love
Right now
Know she keep at it cuz I’m in the mood
I try to do somethin’ to you
But baby hold on me

Champagne on the way
It’s the time and a place
Baby girl I wanna take up everything
I want, wantin’ your body
But I got a way
But it’s the time and a place

We got all the time in the world tonight
Baby come on
I see you sippin’ a little bit
Won’t you me a place
And just dance for me
Cuz girl when you get it, gonna have you runnin’ away
But you can handle what I got for you
Won’t stop
Cuz you deserve all of me babe
Your booty all on me babe
Girl can you get on top?
My bad girl, if I’m movin’ to fast
I think I need to slow up
But ain’t no more liqore in your banz
Girl you better pow up
Yeah, champagne


Wait just for a minute
I gotta check on my tab
Fuck over,
You can sit in my lab
When we ride the Lambourgini just hold on
Cuz I’m runnin’ everywhere red light
No breaks or gas
It’s gonna be a long night babe

Time and the place when I get you by the ways
And you make that booty shake
Gonna put it in my face
I’mma eat it like this dinner on my plate
You’ve been talkin’ shit all night
You better pull your way
I’m toastin’ that be better, bring the dresser with
I break it bad when I’m with it
Take the dressers with us
It’s a blessin’ when you with it
When I’m linkin’ on the pussy they could rustle on ‘em tiddies
Got your place and you pillow, grabbin’ in your shits
Checkin’ at the plumy, girl I know you got a league
I try to make you scream, I don’t wanna speack
Try to have you linkin’ ball, goin’ by here weak



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