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Cassidy - Who Gone Help Me Lyrics

Yeah, miss the chicken
I went throw a lot ups and downs in life
Good times, bad times
But I learn in order to get success you gotta do it by your damn self
I don’t need no help, no assistance
I’m on my own

I gotta pray the lord dope me
Who knows if the plug don’t get more healthy?
But I’m still alive in the ball healthy
If I don’t do it all on my own, who gon’ help me?
[I do it alone cuz I’m all on my own
So I do it alone, who gon’ help me?] x 2

I might not be dealin’ with the lable
But they was convince since I was chillin’ in the cradle
Then I will make a killin, now willin’ and I’m able
I’m not gonna stop spinnin’, ‘til the dinner it’s on the table
Cats only, I know they try to block on me
Cuz they ain’t givin’ me no cream like black coffee
Your back thing when I was his son I told him: Back off me!
Cuz I got discussed and if I get drop fuck it
I’m not a slave and I’m not a puppy
Try to get cash but I don’t try to kiss ass
The label told me, yes man, you gotta switch case
For get try to split cash, you ain’t gotta make a hit case
I just laught but seems like they know which craft
And put a spell on me, make me sound the hell cun
I was the shit and I still had to smell on me
But have to change up just to get my chain up
Yo, I gotta play ahead and Lord dope me
Who knows if the ball won’t get more healthy


I started all rappin’ and writin’
Better in this side for when the niggas was nicer
I see the deal in near future
And I was back when cash really could rappin or they get lose
Yeah, I use to be a fan
Now they couldn’t wait to get the chance to get an advance
To get a damn budget but man it wasn’t the same when I start it all
Now it sound like in all this they puttin’ garbage
I don’t care what niggas talkin’ bout
Fuck what come out this ever artist
I’m still gonna heard this out
You know I’ve been the man, way before Instagram
I had 3 old balls way before word start
I run 3 cruies way before you too
And I was splittin’ flame way before you to came
But for the neediest sides I was 6 splittin’
Why you are six sippin’ piedium like


I ain’t try to fit in, I try to stay out
You the man, the worst is comin’ on my fans mouth
Even if my money run out, I’mma just hustle til they pan out
I wasn’t no hand out
I had to planed out to come up alone
Only thing that you could do for me is to leave me the fuck alone
I had to work for what I own
So I’m happy with it, I’m good, wanted a few from the hood
And I actually did it
Cuz I help myself out
But I’ll be lyin’ if I said nobody else never helped out
But back then I learn that if a man give you somethin’
Then he gonna want somethin’ back in return
Yo you know how the game go, nothin’ go, nuthin’ change
Your different run, same colors in the rainbow
But I’m a one man game so I don’t need no damn help
I rather do it by my damn self



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