BIG K.R.I.T. - Keith Sweat Lyrics

Ft. Scotty ATL

Girl, I've been thinking bout you
Oh, so many _____(?)
And I took your _____(?) with me
Yeah yeah yeah
Tied to a real muthafuckin' nigga gettin' that paper
Got my nigga Lenny Jan in the buildin' with me
Got my nigga Goldie with me
Got my nigga Big K.R.I.T. with me
We appreciate all the luv and hate

All 'em niggas I know would die for me
Don't eva stop, stop to love
All them bitches that hold me down
Don't eva stop, stop to love

(Verse: Big K.R.I.T.)
Oh, dear God, think the rap shit saved me
See, I came from the fuck you pay me
Then the struggle and the real ground raised me
I was living hard knot, no Jay-Z
For a minute, man, my momma went crazy
Tryna bounce that life with the new shit
Had some trouble with the law for some stupid shit
Knew I had to focus if I wanna ride cool shit
Findin' yo position, boy you gotta play part
Get a lil fame, nigga, change of you heart now
Follow yo technique, you'll be in truest from the start
Get stupid love from the hood to the block
Running to the paper, you can barely have a job
Bust yo ass, get loud tho
They don't even wanna see where you're coming from
I get love, nigga, all around the map, tho


(Verse 2: Scotty ATL)
Feel like the king, I got all of my niggas with me
All of my niggas and nit be, we pouring champagne
With bitches we jimming, who has some prerolls and good weed?
They say some groupies, but we know
We playing sure game the ego
They say they want me on t-bone
Humble but staking, I chee boe
Say they love ATL niggas in lingo
We know, working all day like a Migo
All in the kitchen at
But you're not listening
They fuck with me for my network, so gliss in that
Handle my business
One of the greatest to do it
Earned my respect
I don't think by the fizz, not the check
Always got love, for I done you the dick


(Verse 3: Big K.R.I.T.)
Never day one'ers, petty while dramas
Waiting on the come up, cold billy in the summer
All we gotta do is get up out the hood, my nigga
I feel I hit the corner with the bull, my nigga
A couple piles be choppin' on some dope boy shit
A crib, you can get more than a dope boy get
With yo kicks peeking on the popo for the rap
Cuz they ain't really no good for us in the trap
One take and get 20 gotta get by all means
Feel a lil dirty, make so I'm clean
Feel a lil good, put it ova my team
I sound like a cut, but every woman's still a queen
To me, I know the deal between a groupie and a fan
Still the groupies neva seem to understand
This more like the bottles and they quip a couple bands
Find a man, get married, put us on the first dance
Goddamn, it's so real hard to describe how it feels
They drop a song, it's been a lil long
The heat is on, but you're gettin' chill
Like this shit here so down
I'm thankful for the trust and support
I swear I won't take it for granted
More times, don't stop the love



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