Chris Brown - Put It Up Lyrics

Ft Rihanna

Baby ain't no need to be scared of me
I guarantee that I'm not a mistake
I'ma give it all of my love and I hope that you won't misplace it
You created the shit
Goin’ insane with all of this fear
Can't turn my back on this love
I gotta face it

You're the only one I wan’ stay on my phone with
All the late night Skype sex, on a young shit
Can you keep it 100%
Always gonna hold me down
You know you're there, number one
Girl I'ma work you out

Ain't got much to stay
I am about to make you, babe
I'm just gonna take you from here girl
Let's ride away
Just elevate, just elevate
Yeah girl let me take you for a ride

Baby let me change your life
Promise it wll be alright
Baby take my hand tonight
Let me set you free now
Smile like you wan’ be on me
Keep puttin’ that thing on me
Like you never did before
I'm gon’ explore all of your body

(Pre Hook)
Put it up right there, right there
Right there x 2
Put it up right there, right there
I'm gon’ explore all of your body
Put it up right there x2
I know I love you
I'm gon’ explore all of your body

I'm write my name with my tongue on your back baby
Come on just let me I know you're ready
And even if there is a crime
Let ‘em see it
I'ma give you some more
Settle up, just say what you wan’ say
That's how I feel cuz I'm in love
And it turn to charges he's up and I'm with you
Don't be scared
One last time to go down and I'll lick you
Rubbin’ nickles and then lookin’ on your body
When I go down I know I'm gonna miss you
And I need your body right now cuz I know it's an issue
And I'm havin’ another lady right now
I can't breathe if I ain't with you
I need your body like right now x 2
Lay your hair on my bed
Baby tell me if you want the lights down
[Your property, treat me like I'm your property
Do what you want, take a man, I'm about to be your biggest fan] x 2

(Pre Hook) + (Pre Hook)

Been a far too many places
Searchin’ how in love for you, stronger when I'm close to you
Seein’ it all familiar faces
Girl it's all about you, only you in my life
And I see you like playin’ with my heart
Baby please don't do this to me
Cuz I'm in love
Can I get a little bit, one more kiss
Yeah I don't wanna miss it

(Pre Hook) + (Pre Hook)


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