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Chris Brown - See You Again (Remix) Lyrics

ft. Wiz Khalifa

It's been a long day without you my friend
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
Ooh I’ll tell you all about it when I’ll see you again
When I’ll see you again
Ooh, ooh,

Looking back now, know you hear me, wanna see me smile
Hold me down, keep me safe, when I’m down not a sound
Never since you was in town
Always had your back
Shoulda kept this smug around
Now it’s like you not around
Use to runnin’ throw the town
Talk this little Duce around
Always thought you had a daughter
Shoulda teach her what they talk us
Had a son, he gettin’ smarter
Every game I’s like this guala
Now this game will keep us sally
Cogging faith, know we got it
Things come back again, how they could see
I told myself, remain the same and keep the same
Know we smart, get it ball and hit with you
Seems like your city have a victory


First your boat go out your way
And your vibe it’s feeling stronger
Yu smoke and try to get ____(?)
And that ballin’ never be broken
And my mind never get lost
And my brother will come first and out walling never be cross
The stalish get on our way
With that wag way to be throw
When that wag it’s what we rich
So remember me when I’m gone
How could we not talk about family when the family it’s all that we got
Everything I will do you, will stand here by myself
And now you gon’ be there for the last time



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