Blake Shelton - Sangria Lyrics

You're crashin' into me like waves on the coast
Every time we talk, u move in close
I don't want u stop, I don't want u to stop tonight
We've got the last two glasses on a straw hook bar
Tryna remember what number we are
String of white lights makin' ur eyes shine tonight

We're buzzin' like that no vacancy sign out front
Your skin is beggin' to be kissed by a lil more than the sun
You take my hand in yours, u lean in
And ur lips taste like sangria, ur lips taste like sangria

(Verse 2)
Wreckin' ball dancin' down the hallway
You're holdin' ur shoes, wearin' my shades
We fall against the door
We fall into a wild warm kiss


Only thing I want to do tonight is drink
U like a Spanish wine
Let u let this head of mine keep spinnin'
Spinnin' around



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