Dizzee Rascal - Nutcrackerz Lyrics

Ft. Giggs

(Verse: Giggs)
Cuz man ain't bumpin' him or ya
Man ain't bumpin' him either
Man ain't come fo' him
Man ain't come to grin neither
Man ain't comfortin' geezers, ease up
Man ain't jumpin' in neither
Man just jumpy and eager beavers
It ain't sunken in neither
Man just old school from Gloucester Grove
When man had comfortable Fila
Back when Aston didn't even live there
It was Joshua and Makeda
Back when gangsters weren't even shooting
Man took chunks wit that cleaver
Back all Super Dee, Stone Love days
Yep, Jamrock Sound, Metro Media

(Verse 2: Dizzee)
Back in the day when I was broke
I was on parole and looking out fo' eaters
Back in the day befo' I had seven figures
Our bredders were beggin' me fo' features
Back in the day befo' bloggers and tweeters
Befo' they knew I was a genius
They were the days when I was excluded
From school fo' fuckin' wit my teachers
I was so damn facetious, I would leave em wit fevers
Seizures, bunch of holes in my sneakers
Back in the day befo' I had that
Brand new Range Rover, lookin' devious
Previous, I was movin' mischievous
None of my girlfriends were divas
Making moves was the easiest
Please don't make me get deeper
I was linkin' Kamika, Ice rink and that Creeper
Had em droppin' in caesars
Jesus, bunch of unstable geezers
Bunch of peelers and dealers
Demons, they were holdin' them beaters
We were ownin' them speakers

(Verse 3: Giggs)
Man came back wit that classic
Man came back wit that Raskit
Rolled up wit them Rottweilers
And came back wit Bullmastiffs
Quickly grab them 6 brownings
Women grab me two taxis
There's a negative and a plus side
Hollow's back wit new batteries
Hold up, comin' back fo' ya fassies
Betta run home, call that prop the new lassey
Them 2 straps are 2 massive
Jumped out, pap pap pap wit 2 Maccies
Quick, jump back in front seat and back seat
Pricks get pulled, Rabeena and Capri

(Verse 4: Dizzee)
Don't gas me!
I was on the backstreets, couldn't catch me!
On a jack spree!
They lookin' at me like 'why ya want to rap me?!'
That's crappy
I was actually not flashy
They couldn't have me
All-black in my Nike Air tracky
And I went all out on a fassy
And I didn't make beats on a lappy
What ya know about Rex in Stratty? Exactly!
Had a yatty, in Hackney
Big batty, a bit scatty but I was happy
Cuz she cooked salt fish and ackee
She ain't clapped me
So I've got to give thanks to Selassie
Shy FX and UK Apache

(Verse 5: Giggs)
The speaker blowin', betta keep it goin'
Mention Hollowman when yo speaker flowin'
Get that mozzarella cheese, get the pizza going
Seen yo gully side, now yo weak is showin'
My nigga Dizzee Ras, they say he's a poet
They hear we drop a track, niggas tippy toein'
Now come around a man wit yo pissy poems
I've got bitches on my dick and their lippy showin'

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