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BIG K.R.I.T. - K.R.I.T. 4eva (Chapter One) Lyrics

Aye, man, chapter one like that
Chapter one like
Chapter one

Lemme die just to see my name on the wall
Neva fall, gotta make due
Y'all saw my first deal, t'was a no meal
Barely had a dolla to my name and I was broke that day too
Doin' all type of songs, they were jammin', don't get me wrong
But my pops was like 'Jay, this ain't you'
Nah'Imean, the sip take a trip to b-have
Cuz eatin' all the food in my grandma kitchen wadn't do
I'm talking in the studio
All night mixing from scratch
Making beats, at the best getting less than the crack my nigga servin'
Thinking 'Where did I go wrong?' Never should have quit school
I'd probably make more money flippin' burgers
Than kickin' verses fo' niggas servin' chicken fo' skrilla
To buy some bottles fo' change
But on the while I'm hurtin' inside, tucking my pride
Knowin' I'm ahead of the game, shit
I wrote my best songs on the grey hound of the A
Bitch I swear I ate a sandwich a day
I'm talking shit with the junkies at the race track
Pedaling CD's that most niggas ain't played
Gave it fo' free, cause most niggas ain't paid
I gotta get heard, take a hit of that herb
I'm high as fuck, asking myself
What good is a win if I take a loss?
There's no answer, blow the re-up on a dancer
Down to fuck with money but I'm to scared to chance her
Hit the DJ booth to get my songs spent
Talking 'Just Touched Down' but my flight got cancelled
With a bottle in my hand, it's pretty much gone
Take a slow sip, tryna pretend that I'm on
With Versace shades, buck 50 soakin wet, with the heart of a lion but my pockets of a wretch
And that's befo' yo favorite rappa said he was a vet
I didn't have muscle to pull
I couldn't stretch to the finish line
While ya was eatin' breakfast it was dinner time
Fo' a pro nigga gold getter
Young nigga face but the soul of a old nigga
Grew up to be just like my pops and it shows, nigga
Rap name Vit, back then there was a whole lot of 'who the fuck is this?'
A whole lotta cursing 'who the fuck is KRIT?'
Anotha acronym that don't stand fo' shit
And when it comes to names that's as bad as it get
Fast forward ten years, now who don't know KRIT?!
Two albums on the shelf, I beat the sophomore jinx
I lost a few friends over ends, we don't speak
I'm thinkin' this must be what God really want fo' me
Top floor reminiscin', Lawd I can't sleep
Like, what happens if I close my eyes and it's all a dream
And I'm backing that telly on Martin Luther King
Tryin' to make a difference
Caught up in my feelings, lord why they won't listen?
Ridin' with my partner and he ridin' dirty
I'm kind of scared, cause I know he ain't gonna take his charge
He ain't prepared, and he'll have to face that
And I just needed anotha ride to the race track
I'm so thankful that them laws never pulled us over
God took the wheel, cause neither one of us was sober
Downin' bottle after bottle just to make it betta
I survived the worst of it, now it's KRIT 4eva

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