Cassidy - MMM Lyrics

Fred Money

Mm that was crazy, your money, you know I love the sidespins
When nigga is staling bars around and gettin’ busy
This got me right and it’s hard to stay for that man
You with me?
Let’s get to it

I want you bitch het in here and I’mma give you the head’s up
Hit it with the leg up, guess I had to leg up
Bout you with all those feelings and fed up
And I’m giving you the heads up
Even thou my bread’s up
You can get your motherfucker ear boss
Even the box will hurt so they doggin’ and try to snitch that nigga head up

Left, left open like a suitcase
Kickin’ on his mother for my shoe taste
Looking at me with that screw face
Get you chock how you looking like a smurf with that blue face
I’m cally with the bally and the belly got a new place
Think about how they get some new cakes
Staying at the stars on the roof for the new rife
Man you a bird, you flowing in a palm since you got it a new cliche
I’m a defended, I never lost, you know I have to tight like __________(?)
Look I’ve been giving down and had that shit so cute, let me wan out
Try to get your wife on Skype but I’m ‘bout to make a sign out
Nigga what you cry about?
When I pour mind out, shawty say “Uh let me find out”
Cut in there and she was like “Please climb out, I’mma really need a time out”


I told that hit back, smoke that pist ‘til I get it hell back
Niggas know the ball street, thinking botu the both slight piece
Bet fax, I was in school with nine in the back pack
It was Matt Black, my favorite gun at that time
Til I got that mac
I won’t just rap, rap
With a nigga like you will get the picture like a snap back
I can get it back, get glance back
Like prr of we just snap back
Let me back trap, it’s just night crap
Put the rapper in the back like rap snaps
You need, you need some bush at your ass
And get lot of flap jack
All these skinny girls in the word, don’t listen to that
Crap, but listen to this , if I get with a chick, she’ll think it’s a bitch
Put the track back
I want the bitch get ahead and I’mma give you the heads up


No G. code, I go beat slow every time I have to beat on
Ready for the war like I came throw this face store
Pains if this take zone
Ah, but I’ll do, I’mma keep goin’, keep a new pair of sneaks on
In the studio ACRA and not wander that they try to get the hit on
Bring the mack to the mother house x 2
The mac in his mother mouth
Yeah what if their mother will be muggin out?
Sound like some shit that came from my brother mouth
But I’m still run up on you all
I’m dope, I’m zup, I ain’t try to hug it out
Yo, I don’t give a fuck about
No bitch but you know what I love about
Yo bitch, I love your mouth
You try to make some babies, I try to make her suck a mou
Cut it off !



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