Chris Brown - Bunkin Lyrics

feat. Jay 305 & T.I.

My bitch she bunkin, she went for nuttinÂ’ to someone
My bitch bunkin, she only clap that ass for me
My bitch bunkin, I told her how to wip the key
Now my drop jumpin
She bring that dope to me, how I want it
And fiftys, hunnits, all that
Money is money my nigga, even is small stacks yeah
We on right now so you gonna have to wait my nigga
I throw that cash in the air, that shit will break my nigga

I donÂ’t know how they keep it on the sunset
Watch the sunset my nigga
My big fire, I ball and know we thuggin man, fine the slums
She know IÂ’m in the streets, hold my guns
AinÂ’t see my periods watch your mine
Told her hold that spot and run it all _____(?)
I got my motherfucker jaize on
And they hit all this on, come back to LA bite my cake
Swear IÂ’m from this bank and ball
Fuck your bitches like you miss it
Flip ‘em like the case will roar
Fucking bitches, like your message, flip ‘em like in case of ______(?)
Back the business, flipping digest
Flip switches with my niggas
Came from nuttinÂ’ to sum
Now IÂ’mma strug, my mamma know IÂ’m thugginÂ’
Call me nothing, call me Jill and smell like thugginÂ’
Your mamma love me, got your main bitch on my side all time


That ainÂ’t feel like a brake when you ride throw the hood
And you know youÂ’ll be a gaze
Yeah, with a super bad bitch, drive an Lamborghini make a home girl hate
Cuz thereÂ’s a trap nigga will have a quarter me a hate
Nigga Guggi selling drugs on the corner and get pay
I make a hundred G-s on the ball with the G
Just a wistle game just to kiss and call to rehab
Then I ainÂ’t gonna stop, tell you are the shit and that you ainÂ’t no rap
On my side, wann ride and you ainÂ’t gonna blust
Told you, you the shit and I ainÂ’t gona stop
Getting back on the air like you ainÂ’t on that
ThatÂ’s on the air like you ainÂ’t no drop
Even you not, make the brain on fine
Nigga throw the years IÂ’ll remain or not
Now do all into but the game no lie
Ah still love at the same old shit
Bang on the pussy, nigga they ainÂ’t no shit
Stop playing with the pussy, you know you donÂ’t know this
Shut me and fall down, baby you donÂ’t want this
Shut and fall down or you aintÂ’t gonn get
Here balling, here nutty, IÂ’m right back in my bunckin
Hate what you doin, how you dance and how you bang that shit


Make me hard and mix you hard
And she gets one to lay and party
Be my naughty girl in college, fuck you all the time I want you
Wake up on it, this the hate, party moments, drop that and hate ya
You know the nigga love rappers and be like that
Got money and got all of that
She count all of that, fuck all of them niggas
They donÂ’t know what to do with that
But thatÂ’s a matter of fact______(?) do you with the trap
All my cambo do all the state and got double gates
With all the gates but you wait on me
And do me up again is solo



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