Chris Brown - Remember Me Lyrics

Yeah you know we got the time, got that pussy on my mind
Later we, what are we doinÂ’?
I know you ready show that ass
Girl you looking so bad,
Getting honey, watching you doinÂ’
Girl I wanna kiss it
While you can see your girlfriend
I wanna see you whole out of liquor, thatÂ’s a memory
I bet I make that pussy remember me

IÂ’m banging all on that beat, NOA she got the base with that butty shake
She got her friends with her
And they make side to see
All that ass donÂ’t let it go and waste
All that silly girl will get all penetrate
While IÂ’m pushing Lamborghini on the inside state
A long dick, IÂ’mma go for hours
You mini man like remane
IÂ’m scraping as fuck and they jealous
I skate and pass, nigga from better to better
By polo cop wing me to ______(?)
My chain to bright no time to set this on
When I pull it out, bitch nervous
Better ride this way of surface
Girl you better keep the legs open
Only think you close is this curtains
If you only got time for a nigga, if I take it our if hit then nigga you gotta motivate
Man itÂ’s too much worth, for a pussy I work
For pussy you really donÂ’t communicate
I rap the liquor like a dinner plate
I rather keep the money in the seif
Bitch I ainÂ’t got time to play, I need it now, I need it in the lay


Bang your hand to a king nigga
Dreams house, my dreams bigger
Got a deck of card and my heart will switch up
Action space turn the _____(?)
Diamonds glitter, my car glitter
She pray for me, thatÂ’s wild willing
IÂ’m hard to break, my bust prison, her no name
Aczila, she loving nigga, that pussy tight
Come throw, fuck you all night
Some four play, thatÂ’s alright, but she rather do number sixty nine
Hard notice, hard time
On the couch hit it from behind
Hit you with that long strap
Now she banging for that good dope
ThatÂ’s my vane, she cooking clean, I got it main
Hand cuff like she a slave
Touch your leg, you tongue taste
So high, no seller plate, number too will get on the face
Yeah numb to, canÂ’t get the face


DoinÂ’ on the line, IÂ’mma say you lie
She wanna lock a nigga down on the regular
Talking crazy to me like she own the dick
I canÂ’t trust the falls I canÂ’t throw the bitch
Mamma told me to find a keeper
But I switch like designa snickers
A girl with define features
Every nigga wanna talk to but I got the first one as keeper
Balling in the back of my team
Her ass on my mind, I dream booty
Any nigga try to fuck my bitch and itÂ’s all for this air and I came doinÂ’
My ringÂ’s rubin have banz in and I stay buffinÂ’
Got to many cribs I stay movinÂ’
Three limbos I stay cooping
But you donÂ’t hear me dog, but take it to the west side
Call for so I guess itÂ’s on the left side
Smoking weed on the plan, thatÂ’s the best part
She got a sign away before I let it fly
Got a plan for that booth_____(?) such a pain
Needs mind and go, but nothing compares to what itÂ’s in my pants


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