DMX - 56 Bars Lyrics

1. I make moves that get me where I'm goin'
2. Break fools that act like they ain't know it
3. Highscorin' the sound, with the glitch off
4. Cuz that's that kid, a master kid, that bastard kid
5. Havin' to break shit or taste shit
6. Look, muthafucka, if you ain't me, you ain't shit
7. Fuckin' faggot, you know I coulda been stucka to ya
8. Nigga, I wouldn't even think about fuckin' with you
9. But now I know you're man enough'
10. Think the type like who the fuck this?
11. Shit is gettin' bad, I'm robbin' niggas actin' rough Rick
12. And I know it's just a matter of time befo' I get shot
13. So I'mma torture this nigga's lil sister and make him watch
14. Live a nigga Low-Woe, they ain't trained house shit
15. But I bet you can back on some mouse shit or I'll punch you in yo mouth, bitch
16. Aaaah! A nigga broken off quick, hit the sandy mick chockin' off dick
17. How you feel eatin' dinner with a straw fo' you to suck through?
18. Fuck me? No, fuck you! Now I get to touch you
19. Fuckin' bitch suck a dick like a tai strap
20. What the &*)_ glock play, gonna be the first... nigga that shot back
21. Got that?! Can't get it with me, know you're not gon' be layin' right
22. ^&*()_ You know what the fuck I'm sayin', right?
23. You will respect this, cuz I get reckless
24. When I cut the dara-dara, you'll be like 'what-the... no!!'
25. But it's too late, let the heat sick-ar 'em
26. Found the heat, the concrete had found yo meat
27. Plus the underground still hot, steam comin' off you
28. Eyes (?) back in his head, the coffin up
29. Trunk's a fashion, the niggas are raw with this monsta def
30. Be a punk till death, ain't nun' left but the memory of what used to be a life
31. Funeral payments, just dry the blood from my knife
32. Y'all muthafuckas don't understand, when they sung a song
33. Up in the casket with shades cuz the eyes are gone
34. I know I'm raw, that's why I bit my durtch slig(?)
35. But you made 'er hurt(?) with that bullshit you did
36. Yeah, you want peace? Take a piece o' this ammunition
37. And get yo ass straight out to Hudson, buy some all man fishin'
38. My mission is almost complete
39. This message will self destruct in two seconds
40. Beeeeeep!

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