Dj Quik - Pet Sematary Lyrics

I hit and look deeper
Where all the working class,
Around the corner from G house
On the next block, knock us somehow
Cuz in this century I got the best car
Fly bitches living down, down spots
That’s why the niggas been probably creepy
Try to protect that yellow pussy that hit me
And you know what you gonna get when you buy a quit B
And you know what’s gona happen when your bitch will quit me
And I know that she gonna kiss and tell
She can’t keep it quiet, can’t help it when the this is swell
Had to admit it, it’s just good, she just gotta lab
Like a pair, I put a weapon on the bottom half
I’mma play for the Himalaya’s
Niggas don’t agree, then them niggas haters
I just try to beat for come save you with instrumental
I'll go down like JFK in the continental
The most underrated, some motherfuckers hate it
Anything I do for music's never celebrated
Y'all killin' the game like pesticide
But DJ Quik is unpasteurized
My music is quails, my lyrics are lowest
Yours wouldn’t be eating, I’m the reason for artist
You run and say I got my job broke as captain
We gotta fake gansta music, y’all be watching
Listen now boy shit, when you arise with your car
That’s what lies gonna get
Handle my life wait, getting involve in the crave
So don’t fuck with the great
You much safer on skates
I’ve been ice with that plates
I’m ‘bout to rebum, go and rebum
Come doing shut make it scatter like shut
So all that don’t like me, you can suck my dick or something
Turn off all ? take a dinner til you vomit
I know your niggas cramping, I know the real you
You keep bugging with me and I’mma kill you

Now all they wanna go cancel our ?
Know a place to kick I, that’s what I call for
Bad motherfucker, cuz my watch say so but my wallet sais Gucci
I’mma fly getting on
Jewels on your ass, put some tools on your ass
Receive description for your tubes with your ass
I’mma just start to correct with your ?
Put that on prespective get OZ, getting low key
Roll ‘em old trees and a hunge back killer like is 79
My lyrics so week that ?
So one more time I got the words with most dangerous city
With no cracks on my screen
I’m like the add it
If R&B is done, nigga rest in piece
But I’m still the right on this shit that makes me straight the least

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