Chris Brown - Studio Lyrics

I just gettinÂ’ in the studio just try to get to you baby
I look for dope girls that are good enough for me baby
LetÂ’s tell the truth would you, would you?
In this booth that I can play with
Let me see what I got
IÂ’ve been banging all on that beat
Ain no ain, she got the base when her botty shake
She got some friends with her and so itÂ’s hard to see
All that bat donÂ’t let it go those ways
All this ? liquor bout to penetrate
While IÂ’m pushing on bikini, I m here to stay
Along stocker, IÂ’mma go for hours
You minate like lemonade
IÂ’m fresh as hell in this margelas
I stay pass better then better
By pola code give me the medicine
My chain to bright, got no time to sell this in
When IÂ’m pulling thank chick nervous
Better ride this chick serving
Said you better keep her legs open
Only think you touch is this ?
Now I only got time for a brother if I take high and eat a brother
Really gotta motivate
Man itÂ’s too much work for the kitty, got to much work fot that kiddy
Really can communicate
I rather keep it in a dinner plate
I rather keep the money in it safe
Man I ainÂ’t got to play, I need it now in the minimal way
Will blowing out my mind, and sheÂ’ll say it on
She wanna luck her brother down like itÂ’s regular
Fuck a crazy to me like she wanna
I wonÂ’t trust it fours like you do it
All my tone will be find to keep it
But I switch like desina switcher
With the finest switches, everyone wanna talk o her
But I got the first with finest keepers
By and laine in the back of my ?
They heard booty in my mind and get it booty
Then you in it, in my zone but itÂ’s head high feelinÂ’
DoinÂ’ my rings rubin, red bend and I stay wooping
Got to many cribs I stay moving
Free lambos I stay cooping
Yeah but you donÂ’t hear me dog
But hanging to the west side, my car forming on the left side
I smoke weed and playing on the both side
Gotta sign it way before I let it fly
Oh itÂ’s hala pass when you blow
Chilling outside with friends
Need money, but nothing compare to what is in my pants
Girl stop playinÂ’

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