Bizzy Bone - Outro Lyrics

IÂ’m pickinÂ’ on something
IÂ’m pickinÂ’ on something
PickinÂ’ on something

Â…IÂ’m thinkinÂ’ on being the greatest
I quick think to get to these things
I keep my head down the sack
In my mind I canÂ’t keep on crying
I still miss my uncle Charles
Push it ,I ainÂ’t buying it
UFOs are real things
To stop me from doing things
Aliens are on the camera
Â…evaporation,no Spanish
We donÂ’t take the credits
If you think my human race just canÂ’t handle this
So you talk,talk while youÂ’re young
Then you hear your clock tickinÂ’
ThatÂ’s cause I feel you all

In the hood,up to no good
SleepinÂ’ on something
SleepinÂ’ on something
SleepinÂ’ on something

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