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CUNNINLYNGUISTS - Makes You Wanna Cry Lyrics

How makes you wanna cry?
How makes you wanna cry?

Listen, I see crams climbing the bea free
The dog, any dog is devil youțll be cree
Trust no body make flow with that tape
Over the mix seams wired all pixy
You blame DC, I blame life
She blames Allah, she blames Christ
Put out benties, we pay that price
For green, back and back stage
It won’t think twice
More, money, more murder, more homicide
Over dollar bills, weall create Omar style
I’m a slave, hard to accept the seal
And I ain’t breath just because I move the eighty ale
Couldn’t pay me well enough to see your farytale
Injury and I’m smoking as a joke like the very smell of life
Wrong and uncut sex drugs with guns lost landed

How makes you wanna cry?
How makes you wanna cry?

I say, middle chairs with suicide from Tenesy and tears falling down
You see the time heals then with the years falling down
Blowing one and all they are falling down
Is this a fisty all the geals falling down
All they can’t play like my mama left me
You fucking right this way I move just like I move like I’m a lefty
Corect me, I heard they smoke and burn but migh corect me
Fuck the sin block put mine in the empty
It’s heavy one more feel like to sheavy
My mind feels, my mind feels like it’s deably,
Deadly like death it’s my only option
Going with daddy will be left for adoption
Death with death, yo, the life it’s rarely toxic
What goes around come around unless you heavy box
Then you moving the square, this life with up and down
Just like you move wanna stare
The life is unfair to tha dude on the chair
You gotta move on that shit like they do for the stamp

How makes you wanna cry?
How makes you wanna cry?

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