If you gonna start from scratch, start with wax
If there’s no dish, then there’s no rap.
Records, albums, vinyl frontier, the facts
Give us a stack of records, and we’ll give you twelve tracks.
The agreement, come and see me forty years ago
Hip-hop the final frontier, the embryo
Two turned tables of mic and a cold stereo
DJ, one MC, the empyreal!
Many, many put their use to it
Sing pop, sing rock, sing blouse to it!
From classical to Jazz, we can... who it
I’m blowing dust off and groove to it. Let’s ride!
Peace side on the wreck drive
You know their crack will give the best hype
You need a needle, a ... some tree
Forty five in the thirty three, let it be!

A new format hit the scene like way back
It was smaller and more convenient that A track
You can pop it in your car with a long drive
Play the album on fast forward, it’s on fire.
If you past this on, you had to rewind it back
It was kinda frustrating, trying to find a track
Memorex, impax, down the tittie k
Where the biz is on the radio or Biddy K
When they was on the air, I was on the pause button
I had the best taste, but I ain’t trying to pause...
Cause everybody thought their pause was the...
The cat used to battle, the shit used to cause wars.
We were trade tapes, that was the best it could be
Busy bee at the fervor for treacherous tree
Having the best taste was like a status ..
The yellow tape, purple tapes, to the baddest...
Battle shovel from the Bronx to Baltimore
It was Dan by the speaker to record more
The same tapes that was labeled with a thick marker
Made in neighborhood, rappers wanna spit sharper.
If my tape pop, trust, I was ready, man!
The razor blade, scotch tape on this steady hand.
I call it surgery, my cassette...
It’s worth to me!

If you want it, I got it
That bitch makes you real!
It’s the format, baby! (x2)

I release the shit, we’re pacing kicks
And come full circle, plastic ... but I can’t trigger thee!
Stab the repeat button and keep running
And that’s something you can’t get from tape dubbing.
Skip the... with a flick of the wrist
Time to check what’s sick on the list
The thickle dismiss this little digital list
They’re trying to play vinyl in the whip they will skip.
In this 96, trying to get laid now
Chose the four .. with binary laid down..
Flood the... with frozen drums
Let’s get blown in my homie’s truck
We’re sitting on chrome, little...
We got wheels, we ain’t trying to walk, man
See these nuts, it’s dust on my walk, man!

Daman! Follow me enter this digital ...
Holy matrimony, but harder to see everywhere!
But nonexistent, what a ...
Upgraded, but they say that we forgot where we come from.
The past goes even further with every second
Off the record, they’re coming and go...
In the day, the instant message is misdirected
And the receiver seems to be disconnected
But don’t complain, love game, even after the flood came
And they left on... oversaturated
With no computer love, just computer bugs
Hate the virus and not the hacker, that’s what the loser does.
Meanwhile, the kids were playing shooter love
Trying to be the 2.0 verse in the super thug.
Plus we sat ... how long we reject?

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