CUNNINLYNGUISTS - Innerspace Lyrics

I remember as a youngling, slamming with Michael...
Got seen in Vegas, memorizing labels for sagas.
Lil schemers, counting beamers, Benzes and ..
It’s tough to count blessings when battling count Dracula.
Life’s fazed, I drink your blood in floods
Can’t wait in that water because of the ... goods
Role models taught her, you ought to just ...
In life’s there’s just no proof, whatever your role was
Find wealth, no need to find selves!
Stay in line till you find your spot on the shelf.
So, don’t mean to sound cold,
Got my soul singing baritone ... down low
To think of those in this winter with no mink
A ... weather this desert with no drink
Coke, soul chain smoke with no link
Or hope, just dull tree in a road.

You are the bright angel up high
You are the bright angel up high

Turn the page, eventually I hit a certain age
Learning that all the freedom was worthless when you’re afraid.
Success can often be a perfect age
Search a foreign way to stay the same while the world will change.
A prisoner, trapped in the regret,
Cause the ego can’t keep up if they happen to reject it.
Sometimes you want so bad to be respected
Going after it till you left your happiness neglected.
I’ve seen the weakness in grown men
Playing games with the pain, they’re cheap, but they don’t win!
See them feed the needle deep into their own skin
Trying to find a plead and ... peace in that old man.
More success, the .. was left
Taking even bigger risk, like after this, I’ll rest!
Till they pain ya with the razor on his wrist still red
The color ... the kiss of death.

You are the bright angel up high
You are the bright angel up high

I’m fasten loose, no wilder, just a prior
And that debt was paid in spades and Bob Wyre .
Later used ... and move fire
Didn’t move grounds and weights, with hell fire
Need a fan, kick it with you, to the picture
Sign both titties and give a pound to your Mr.
It’s been real! Realer to steer a lot of grands.
Before I picked up a pen on the page
Shit! It’s been chill!
Chiller than the look in their eye
Of a drunkard when he’s looking to buy, looking to fly
Pyrex on the good eye on the broke stone
... soft white girl break your nose and gets harder
Revenge of the cane, the original get caught up.
Take your favorite star and make amends to a martyr
Life ain’t trending, it’s ending, see further!

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