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Cassidy - Lookin Ass Bitches Lyrics

Looking a*s b*thces, b*tches,
Looking a*s b*thces, b*tches,
These looking a*s b*thces, b*tches,
Look at your pathetic a*s b*tches for the cop keep paying that b*tches
B*tches, looking a*s b*thces, b*tches,
These looking a*s b*thces, b*tches,
Man I ain’t look at that b*itch rocking and faking pussy a*s bitches
B*tches, looking a*s b*thces, b*tches
B*tches, these looking a*s b*thces, b*tches,
I hate bomb the only a*s nigga no chop
Never got no money a*s bitches
Thank all you bad bitches and take all of your
Then fucking the club bad for then get a ..
See the link dick then sallow it, bitches
Like in my picture, to get a followers bitches
Try to get that groove on bitches
Going out with their girl friends, she’s on with bitches
…will living with our projects bitches
Poor a*s b*thces to get an outfit they gonna steal it from the store a*s b*tches
Coming out with penny to get the many then coming on that
Down to the last b*tche how last
Last time was pregnant to get the …
Credit card, put twenty on the Instagram for b*tches
She ain’t keep a man a*s b*thces but always fucking with another b*tch man a*s b*tches
Gibe for shuts b*tches, cry like they touch guap
B*tches will stay on the bus stop b*tches
Think all the clothes make it pop all b*tches
Probably Gucci in the crown b*itch do it for the vane
Do it for the vane, ain’t gona do it
Do it for the vane, ain’t gona do it
Fine, well you groofie little b*tch stop when I think Gucci all I get
Npo, I know you wish you can scrued me a little bit
But you can’t pay me to hit that Gucci a little bit
Your that wide when you hit that
And you should top fucking niggas in the crib when your kids out
Got some type of bitches
Yeah , but I’m here do I like you b*tches
So I hope you get the message
You’re a mess so I hope you’re checking your mail soon
Is eighty on that hotel room
How you got dumn here for just one bi*tch
Stop, you’re not kind as Beyonce
You’re not Nikey, Rihanna, Beyonce
You will never none of ém
You wander they never what to speak if you will stay right in front of them
I was in the studio, cooking crack,
My bro say yo this is like the Nicky’s track
So I listen to the Nicky’s track you said be in …
that you just play from Nicky …
cuz they looking a*s nigga track
See how far nigga pass but if I just look on a*s nigga too?
My whole lot chick do the all same shit
So I had to get it straight this I know the ...so as I released it
Yeah you nigga take your free beat
You ain’t gotta sleep with every nigga unique bitch
Yeah fuck all trick b*tches, sharing we’re on the same lipstick b*tch
For that shut, wimp this b*tches
So I know you won’t fake cuz you’re …
They jewelers are not real you got bills you can’t pay you take your pop
You need a bath and a hot meal
And some mouth wash cuz you smelling like toxic
I had to come with ém cuz I got 99 problems
And I’m lookink a*s b*tches

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