Dom Kennedy - Still Callin Lyrics

Still callin'
Show me what I showed you
In my club
You ain't even my girl
Do you trust how you like it?


You ain't even my girl
We can travel round the world
I know you me are gonna like it
Me and her we hook around
She still callin'
I don't even talk no more
See, we the time that
We don't talk about
Still callin'
Me and Amy used to hook around
She still callin'!

Check this out, huh
I woke up Tuesday to a sexy lip
She made turkey bacon and we toast
S'how we represent
And we been off and on like ever since
Might take you back to Disney Land,
Girl, I ain't forget
The player president, no (???)
Tryna get these girls back to the hotel and sh
And see if we can fix this lil' situation
You know, them real sh conversation
I'm lookin' at houses up at U-Park
Ballin' and rappin', I play two sports
L.A., I might just get the Benz out a new Porsche
So help me figure out what I need you for


You can't tell? Check the smell
California dreamin'
The more I-Tunes money to buy another
Beamer, fiended for lovin', alcohol,
The west side
With a catalog, I didn't know
You had them all, the mix tapes
She said, gone, boy, you been great
And I'm about the album anyway
You been straight
I be going hard from like Wednesday to Wednesday
It's a lot of chit-chat, tell me what your friends say
We can go head straight
And I got (???)
Might order peas-a-hat
You know I'm from the old-school
Might see me on the silver screen
Know what time cools
Tryna kick it with some other niggas,
It's the wrong move


See, we the topic that they talk about
Still calling

Ain't no party like the old crew party

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