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Dj Bobo - Summertime 2 (Circus Album) Lyrics

Summertime, what a feeling!

I'm sitting in the sunshine
And I'm writing this song
Oh, baby baby what a feeling
It is summertime, oh, yeah

I start to realize
These are the best days in life
Dancing in the sunshine
Let me take you there


Summertime, what a feeling!
Summertime, I send a feeling
From my heart to the world,
Summertime, the greatest feeling
To fly like a bird.
Summerline with deep blue
Oceans and happy smiles,
Baby, can you feel it?

I'm feeling like the first kiss
What a magic time!
The radio was playing all the good songs.
It is summertime, oh, yeah.

You touch with your light,
Illuminating my night
Dancing in the sunshine,
Let me take you there!


Can you feel it?

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