Cassidy - Control Lyrics

The same thing that make you laugh you gonna cry from
Laugh now, cry later but your time will come
And if you live by the gun you could die from one
Even the deer could run the jungle till the lion come
If you make a living off the shit that niggers dying from
You gonna get guap until the cops with the sirens come
Now you gotta tell on the nigga that you're buying from
Or sit in prison for wild time for buying some
I speak the truth these other nigga got lying tongue
So if there's levels to this shit I'm on the highest one
I know you guys gonna try climb the ladder
But if you sit in jail or you die don't even matter
Cats will back stab you just to make their pockets fatter
That's why they're pissing me off
I got a bad bladder
A rapper not a character that blabber a bunch of words that rhyme
But don't make sense most of the time
And most of the lines that they rhyme is mostly designed
For dudes that's stupid not using most of their minds
Most crimes that's committed is by a cat
That listen to a rapper spitting shit
That's fictitious and try to mimic
Don't imitate a nigga that been a fakey and gimmick
They should put me in a Guinness most punch lines infinite
And if I diss a cat in a rap that nigger finished
I got in it to give niggers the business not for the business

I'm highly recommended but this shit is not exciting me
You wear tight clothes but you're flows ain't tight to me
I know you trying man to find a man as nice as me
But a blind man like damn that would've been a sight to see
No one can stop me I'm cocky and got the right to be
Hey they shoulda never gave a mic to me
You would think Big big pun and big L ghostwrite for me
And I could box, you do not want to pick a fight with me
I'm not in the best shape like I would like to be
But I exercise every time I lift my pipe to pee
I know you would like me see battle whoever
But that's like getting Mayweather to go and fight for free
That's not happening I would rather stop rapping
I flipped crack now I spit crack I ain't stopped trapping
I rather get my money upfront than on the backend
My bars been crazy
I'm Slim Shady with black skin
I got the battling belt
The hardest battle I done ever been in is when I battled myself
I hold weight so don't make a giant battle with elf for real
I'm tryna chill I gotta battle for health I'm ill
And I feel like nephew a homosexual
Even if your flow is sick I disinfect you
I'm special if you're plugged in I disconnect you
I'm not gonna let you get disrespectful I'm gonna dress you
I'm a mogul I don't care if I know you or never met you
I suggest you don't come at me wrong or I'm gonna correct you
I hope you don't think that security gonna protect you
Cause when them goons come in the room the done been left you
I bet you when me and them cats come them cats run
We ruthless!
My niggers gets stupid if cats act dumb
You a lame you putting my name in a rap son
Is like putting a silencer on a cap gun

And why go and buy a chain when I can snatch one
To get you jammed niggers like
Damn where'd you get that from?'

Don't let'em set you up for a failure
I'm a hustler but I don't touch drug paraphernalia
I just did a tour in Dubai and Australia
The boy the best I'm the greatest ever more or less
I'm just trying to figure out who the fuck Imma slaughter next
I got my weight up you better show some more respect
Before you pussies get ate up like oral sex
My bars crack niggers trying to bring the bars back
But their bars whack I'm like
Where the fuck is their bars at?
I'm tired of hearing all them jewelry and car raps
The making it rain and buying out the bar raps
I got hype when I heard that Kendrick Lamar rap
I'm in the booth thinking construction boots and a hard hat
I bring it back to life, these cats ain't acting right
These cats all rap alike I never heard a rap I like
I snatch the mic I'm a veteran you a rookie
You a dickhead but you a pussy, a hermaphrodite
Cass the type that'll send you to the afterlife
Bring you back to life and kill you again with the raps I write
Yeah I used to play the corner like a traffic light
But I stopped trapping white so I could lead the rapper life
But a rapper life ain't all it's cracked up to be
Ain't no rappers tough as me that's why they don't fuck with me
They could label this a diss when the song drop
Cause I'm better than your favorite rapper by a long shot
You gonna have to bring the song back when the song stop
And rewind all the punch lines that this song got
I paint pictures no Photoshop
I'm not the king of New York
But the king of New York know I'm hot
And no I'm not tryna be the king of Philly
But I've been holdin' down my city just ask Gillie really
If any of you niggers act silly I'll be happy to compete
You see what happened to Meek
I'm not rapping to get back in the beef
I'm just rapping to be competitive I do shit niggers never did
Yeah this hip hop getting recorded
So if you a fan of hip hop you gotta support it
Cause it's shortage of rappers rapping like they supposed to rhyme
And you will never find a rapper rapping rhymes dope as mine
Yeah I'm the dopest nigga out
Most focused nigga out
I spit coca out my mouth
And the streets need coca it's a drought
The fans going through withdrawal they need some sick bars
I got it jumping like Chris Kross
When they was wearing all their clothes backwards
I expose rappers
Yeah I'm in my hip hop bag
Making every cat that say they hip hop glad
Yeah and my wife like that shit hot Cass
And she got a K Michelle love and hip hop ass
Yeah every cat that's not hip hop trash
And I'm ill fish scale right out the zip lock bag
Nobody better I do whatever I wanna do
And since you're scared to come at me Imma come at you
What the fuck is the game coming to?
Kendrick couldn't shine on me on a song if he wanted to
Cause I spit that shit nigger number two
And I'm coming through to make it hot before the summer through

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