Kevin Gates - IDGAF Lyrics

(Verse 1)
As a wise man that thinking if I possess the game in my mind
The reason I wear shades so you can't see the pain in my eyes
In the rain storm in the blizzard expressing all of my feelings pops
Never took me serious, mama never won't listen all
Stomach hurting my pockets empty dare nigga won't tempt me,
In the dark room All prayed out, I ain't never sat no Bentley
Hustle hard in the Alley way by miss citha house I'm gettin it
Wrecked my car Chris laughed at me, like ain't post to remember
Wish Wig was still living, wish shrimp was still living
Wish Joe was still living
Look at Chris how he tripping.

Young Troll just hit the phone
But he don't keep it a thousand,
Ray Vicks just jacked em, and he ain't even see bout that
Now he telling me 'bout that
Seem to me he ain't 'bout that, nigga let me get 3 of juice
You dont have it now, but you go have it later
My face card worth a hundred bandz,
Game recognize game baby, ma lil brutha Terrence Hines
I'll die for him and to go to war behind him
real niggas all around me, bitch niggas ain't roun me
Talkin Massachusetts exclusive somebody break it back,
Cocaine made me smile but I cried
Ain't think my team wud rat,
Stroke know I love em,
but wen nigga roun 'cud say fuck me
How to go when I fuck with nigga, ain't nobody fuck with em
In the neighborhood that I grew up in,
They call dat the southside, everybody house over crowded
Forcing dem to hang outside
my lil cousin Cory, hustle hard in fruits town
on the boulevard with the roof open like damn Ced what I do now,
me and beezy ridin, ice cup an its muddy

You don't like me then fuck you
Probably dap me off and say fuck me
God forgive me. next nigga play with me
I'll probably kill their mother,
Make the funeral you in trouble,
Allot of guns out and they bustin
Pussy rappers talking shit on Twitter
but out in public it's nothing
Discussion had of been bussin
if lista kill I woulda been dead
bitch I'm wit give real head
but I don't trust her that much
let me slip and go back to jail
watch how many niggas she fuck
let me slip and go back to jail
watch how many niggas she fuck
Niggas all on my dick
Bitches all on my dick
Only God know my struggle
Had it hard so I hustle
I don't fuck with none of you niggas.
Don't trust none of you niggas.
Run up on me nigga I'm wit it.
Put a slug in one of you niggas
Only God know my struggle
And it hard so I hustle
Everybody Roun me say
I don't give a fuck a bout Nothin Nothin Nothin Nothin Nothin Nothin.Ion give a fuck abt nun.
(Verse 2)
Most likely I'm too intelligent
They say cuts here, not mature
You forget about it or you get around it
Can't forget about, then you kill about it
I'm an ordained street minister
Read the bible, but will finish ya
Still have trouble with letting go
That ain't my hoe, I just thought it was
My friends laughed when I kissed on her
Should have pulled my dick out and pissed on her
My family on fire wouldn't piss on em
Cold world, don't quit on me
Grind hard, get rich on em
What ever you do just stack paper
My lil cousin Chief just called my phone, and I'm like what's the problem
"Heard about Lil Mocha, nigga tried him, and lil mocha shot him"
Bitch I'm goin hard
There ain't no stoppin, do that for the bottom
Everybody's watching, Gates a greater, he just made it out
Everything I get from profits
God I promise, I'll invest in houses
Just give me another chance at life
Put me back and bounce
Went to jail, already has my strips
Ain't no backing down
Shawty Spit Stacckz was in the cell with me
I'm laughing loud
This for all of you that hated
Panamaras backing out

Revised by CP3 NOLA SLIM (added second verse)

Thanks to LucaBrasi for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Gates him Self for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Instagram: @Lady_Sinatra for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to 985red for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to Bo55 for correcting these lyrics

Thanks to CP3 NOLA SLIM for correcting these lyrics

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2013-06-30 06:48:03 by anonymous
Sure he corrected your lyrics? Cus I thought the name (joe) was josh... He passed away In that wreck
2013-06-13 09:30:14 by anonymous
where is the last vers ???