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A-TRAK - Piss Test (Remix) Lyrics

(feat. Juicy J, Jim Jones, Flatbush Zombies, El-P & Flosstradamus)

Juicy J- Hook:
F*ck our P O, f*ck our piss test
F*ck our P O, f*ck our piss test
F*ck our P O, f*ck our piss test
They get you, bitch when I was born and I ain't begin
F*ck our P O, f*ck our piss test
F*ck our P O, f*ck our piss test
F*ck our P O, f*ck our piss test
They get you, bitch when I was born and I ain't begin

My main partner on life parole
He don't give a fuck, every night we roll
Big blunts, big guns, so that first mother fucker that like to go
No curfew, fuck 9 o' clock, you can't see the time on this shiny watch
Matters fact it's time to rock and it lookslike my time is stuck
Cause it's so frozen, I'm so cold
Slow it down, I'm so throwed
Oh oh those P.O's be poppin' up any time of day
Violate, that's 90 days
Violate, this nine will spray
Either one is not a good look
Matters fact, get a good look
I'm getting money, fuck a piss test
Left the club and I piss Moët
You should keep your bitch in check, before I drop my top while she givin
I'm in Detroit with that lion
Pack the heat more like a lion
You would say that I'm lying
Pack them guns everywhere we flying


[Meechy Darko:]
Weed, shrooms, LSD, even got that Keenan Ivory
E pills for the feel, sleeping pills for nighty nighty
Her vagina tighty, I lick all over, flip off all over, then I climb insidey
Shit I'm smoking be so potent I'm floating out my body
Wash her, kiss her, lick her, then lick her
This liquor, I'm slizzard my nigga
My life is like basketball run, shoot, and stealing
This bitch I'm with.. she should come equipped with heels
Trippy is as trippy does, acid drops up in my cup
Biggest blunts of that super skirt,
It's the gold fang wearing zombie, sour diesel blowing
Leopard flag hanging out my pocket while I'm flowing

Zombies juicy, a-trizze, we trippy fuck a piss test,
What you know about that, hash oil potent oil,
Mix it up got my brain all stuck, I'm trippy though if you ain't know,
When I'm on LSD, all the tongues, speaking tongues got her freaking out,
So what you know about this, candy flipping be the shit,
500 degrees in here, stay burning the weed, fuck them C's,
That's no release, we hot time, and you little leaves smoking bush weed,
No comparing nothing the same, nothing compared to the blood in my veins,
All the shit I obtained, smoking that dank, mary be mine, look at the time,
If you don't link her fine, eyes on the prize after the sky,
Fuck my p.o and your p.o, smoke it like its legal,
Zombie give my brain, suck me join that trippy train!


One thing about El Product
These fucks gotta put into their brain is
Pain by the pound been the model for millennia
Fucko, never been sane or benevolent, no
Get the hole in your face plate stucco’d
Rode in to the frame on an elephant, scoundrel
Talking that road house throat grip spin in to a pirouette
Dope sick gunner with a numb heart pounding
Spit a mint leaf dosage, dosed in the most utmost potent
Oh shit, walk to the most hounding sounding
Little fish in an ocean of piss
Get twisted and tangled and mangled on principal
Your whole squadron’ll kitty cat scream when I alf ‘em, down ‘em, eat ‘em up, ralph ‘em
How come outcomes, even in the best bets placed are debased
When a veteran BK bent to the bone chip start to get a notion to smoke shit, focus
Motherfuck a P.O., C.O, C.E.O and any other minion of the long armed evil
With a habit of a tight grip chokin’, hoping the masses are broken
Shits about to get real trippy, let's go kids
Let's go!

Thanks to dukakis for correcting these lyrics

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