Hollywood Luck - Pole In My Pants Lyrics

(feat. Treasure Tee)

Pole in my pants

Shawty right, be real,
I had to get her 'cause I want her to myself
'cause she so fly, you need some help
Flat line shawy killing froze yeah
she should cut my eye, I have to see
if she wanna ride with me
tell the ..outside, VIP
death when she went fly, ready to leave
I told her to drive, pray for the key,
here we have desire, she started to speak,
I can't even lie, shawty so cold,
I bet she go lie when I put on her pole

I got a pole in my pants,
And I wanna say to mama do her thing
She say she go, what to do,
she a certify stripper, this ain't do my zipper
ain't gonna work, work,
she just gonna work, work, I'ma work
she gonna work work work
if she gonna work, work work

They, they say I'm working with a monster,
and a..
beg it up I put it on you,
better get your crib, before I take your..you
and.. got me kept with..
I've been who and whom we want it too,
Plus they get the pole it's through to,
tryin to hopin this, tell your daddy is over with
Push the button there, she ain't .. on
and she work with me, she get the money on
she call me her.., say ..
now every time she sleep the..

[Treasure Tee:]
This nigga I've been kicking ran upon me on the dance floor
Slap me all my answer told me how the dance go
You know I've been tel, but like a certified stripper
then he made it rain, he's so real big tipper
Told you mama make you see the stars nigga big deal
said I bet your ass I'm running when I pour down my zipper,
Now I got the meaning plus see in the run and here's too..
Said you can't feel this lanes, I'm like nigga made..
Now tell you niggas have you seen them?
she work at home, like a ghetto balerina,
she work with, and she get wetter than Katrina,
I put string.


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That's the truth