Chris Brown - Drop It Lyrics

(feat. OHB)

LA Leakers
my homies

The LA ..of the club on
so many girls I'm going up honey
I don't need a good girl I want a bad woman
who can pick it up and drop that ass for me,
drop that ass for me, drop it
drop that ass for me, drop it
drop-drop that ass for me, drop it
drop that ass for me, drop it
drop that ass for me, drop it
drop that ass for me
drop that-drop that ass for me,
that's me her and you.
Girl gone just drop that ass from me.

There no money like more money,
hit the club with the snow bunny
left the club with like four hundreds,
call me Chris Brown 'cause I'm gold running,
super hood, been good, I'ma die trappin' I still do it
I face different, I live though it,
try me I put your kids through it,
what the f*ck you're thinking,
my niggas really bangin,
stump a nigga hoe, I'm the hood kirk franklin,
this blunt so loud, got my whole hand stanking
bang club America that's where the f*ck I'm hangin'
action, Jackson, mister bring the stacks in,
baby drop it for me, we could make a transaction
cashed me out in traffic, always be action
yeah, the fat boy make your bitch get nasty.

[Chorus:] shoppers, broke niggas get nopers,
I pimp poll, I got sobers, your new bitch my old pussy
stack man I'm no p**sy, plain p**sy you gonna say p**sy,
word around town, always be king them case,
but the bad bitch is they stay with us,
smoke a pound we don't say switchers
I could turn em up, but don't say bitches,
like broad away, I play bitches,
big game I drink ..8 chicks in the Range Rovers,
game over your lane close, I'm going hard to the bank clothes,
bet it all on the dice road,
they all gone f*cking I know so,
spend em up when I knock em down,
804 I'm rounding round, always be trill nigga
Givenchy baby, we don't f*ck with..


Girl just don't drop that ass from me.

Thanks to kake for correcting these lyrics

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