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Cassidy - Show N Off Freestyle Lyrics

I live a hustler’s life, but I’m a hustler, so I love my life
I’m from a place where apes will take somebody mama’s life
I’ve been upset all my fuckin life
I get mad and the stab you to death with a butter knife
Your bitch upset, you don’t fuck her right
That’s why she call my phone every fucking night
I probably fuck the night
Hey yo I know you can’t fuck and fight
And I know you not a gangster, your clothes too fucking tight
Your ass better than Cass, yeah fucking right
I’m too fucking nice, The Source should've gave give me a dozen mics
He yo, my ice so fucking bright
That if I wore all my jewels, I’d prolly loose my fucking sight
I go in stores like fuck the price
And you scramble, life is a gamble, throw the fucking dice
I might not be the hardest in the world
These other artists ain’t even harder than my girl
And I’m better than the best of you
That’s why the rest of you on my testicles
No homosexual, I’m still on point like a desimal
I’m inceptional, I body all tthe body the bodyguards protecting you
I shoot the tek at you, turn you to a vegetable
Shoot you first then shoot the niggas that’s standing next to you
He yo, my box game impecable, but if you talk foul
I’m shooting the shot like it’s a technical
Rocks in my watch and my necklace too
Pinky ring got my finger glowing like I’m extra-terestrial
Chicks give me brain, I’m an intelectual
I have chicks eating the dick like it’s digestable
But every chick that slept with you is upset with you
Cause you a bitch, if you fucking chicks they bisexual
Yo my bars go harder than my pipe
And these others artists ain’t even harder than my wife
Right, the hustler!

Thanks to rhymz for correcting these lyrics

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