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Dj Quik - The Demon's Carol Lyrics

This is for all of my enemies
The ones who've stolen from you, talked about me
Switched at me, even pulled out their guns and shot at me
I appreciate you, because you opened up my eyes
And helped me to see...the dark

I want your blood all over the streets
I want to see your flesh melt from your feet
I've got to see you dying
I'd love to see you die
I want your blood all over the streets
I want to see your flesh burn from your feet
I want to see you crying
I've got to see you die

[DJ Quik:]
To all the people that was happy I went to jail, I wish you well
(No, I wish you hell)
To all you people with your funky ass opinions
I wish your car had crashed in the beginning, and killed you at birth
To all you busters that shot at me and missed
I wish you blasted you crooked-shooting faggot, coward-asses
And to that buster that just pawned my equipment
The last nigga that did it got shot shitless, now he's free with life's business
So I'm sending you your one way ticket to the skids
Just know that when you get dumped on, I did this
My U-B wants to merc you for twenty-five hundred
That's my Underboss and he coming gunning
And if I owe you, then I'm coming to personally pay you in lead
You niggas is shitless, you don't know the shit you in
I'm the one who put them guns on the streets
The same guns that put your gunnies under them sheets
I peel hundreds off like bananas, blow 'em like Santa Annas
The Glock'll have you walking around with one eye, like that bitch from futurama
Cuz' this is tree-top grammar, it's the dura of click click glamour
Split your melon open with the back of a hammer
And watch how your cowardly friends scramble
Cuz' I'm a true killer, shank you in the liver, no filler

Now, this the great depression, where living life's the lesson
And you helped me to learn that I can't leave my house
Without my Winchester, or my Smith and Wesson
Understood, lesson learned
I've got a gesture to suggest ya
I hope you go to sleep and wake up in a fire and just burn
To all the people that tried to stop me from feeding my kids
I hope you shoot yourself and still live
It's like jumping off a bridge, trying to commit suicide
Hit the ground and you still live
I want to see the bullet go, from the barrel into your skull
Now that's gold
To all you faggots that don't wanna see me grow
I'ma be six feet tall tomorrow
Don't you hate it? That's what I love
To irritate you punk motherfuckers with a slug, fucking cuz
This is for you bitch-ass niggas, eat a dick and suffocate
Swallow cyanide, lay down and go to sleep
For eternity, eternally, forever, permanently- just do it for me
I'll be forever grateful dead, if tomorrow they said
You woke up inside-out with your guts hanging out
Now that's what I wish, stop acting like a bitch
It's that dog pound cripticious, vicious hood malicious
Bang bang boogie, cock pop, stop rock roll a neighbourhood six times
String with the S1 and end shit to make your life end
Let it begin, just me that's been humping my trusty MAC-10
And trust me, I never leave the house without them
Extra .22s, 3s space who breeze
Special edition ammunition, I'mma listen to this
Demon's Carol

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