Dew Baby - Cash Lyrics

Ok i started out flexxing ended up finessin 28 grams breaken grams down and bless it all i know is work watch me twerk work the work watch me drop ah couple blocks watch your block hold da glock got some shooters on my roster bet they wet your ass up these bitchs out here thristy i got liqur in my cup shoot these niggas think they trappin but they barley make bucks imma slutty boy baby all you niggas know wassup all that talkin out your mouth goin get you tossed up in the trunk im with lightshow im with cheif keef GBE n SB my real live niggas from that southside back to Northeast

I like my bitchs with a ass on em she like like a nigga with some cash on em. but i anit spendind cash on em unless im in the strip club thrown cash on em we play with choppers dont get chopped up sucker niggas cant eat give dat guwop keep your box give dat top up ima flex i aint dead i aint locked up

Adidas in alanta im in L.A. Gears in LA my pinky ring bing and my chain sit on my belly the shit my shooters shootin leave you shaking like a dancer and if you niggas want some smoke you not goin die from cancer run em down gun sound yellow tape no escape i break the whole thing down and bag the shit dats on the plate money cash da bitchs bitchs gotta chase the money i pulled up in that chrysler just to keep that shit 300hunna icy like the winter but im shinning like the summer and we dont go no were with out the stcks we like some drummers crack just like a plumber shootin pistol like they jumpers i dont know what niggas doin but i know we doin numbers.

Alright i like my bitchs with an ass on em who like they bitchs to fuck me and spend dat cash em these niggas trippin and flippin like they some dam quarters 50 ass niggas drown they cant hold they water go get that 30 for em 30 make they heart stop with no love for em my heart cold like my dam watch these niggas faggies i hate em get out my dam car i got a bitch who suck my dick and then she run rock these bitchs love me and me but no lopve for and bitch we comin real soon and everybody scream SB wonder what we doin to em

Thanks to root1135 for correcting these lyrics

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