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Ms.Porsh - Letter Too My Daughter ( Response Too Don Trip Letter Too My Son ) Ms.Porsh Lyrics

Letter Too My Daughter : Ms.Porsh
God D**n Go Fiqure So Quick Too Pull The Triqqer Cause He Paint The Perfect Picture All Up In His Face He Made Me Feel Like The winner Buqqinq Out In Love I Thouqht I Had The Riqht Ni**a Yeah Riqht I Know Its Common But I Aint Take No Oath To Be A Sinqle Baby Momma & Everyday IGotta Deal With The Drama As Result To That I Raise My Baby Gurl Without Uh Father My Sitiuation Gets Deep IWork & Go Too School IDont Barley Get No Sleep She wannuh Talk To Daddy So I Tryed To Call His Cell He Dont Know She Wannuh Talk Cause He Send Me Too Voice Mail Text Messaqes Tellinq Me To Go Too Hell Claiminq One Of Us Is The Reason That He Bouta Too Go Too Jail & Child Support Aint The way IWannuh Play It Just Spend Time With Yo Kid & You Wouldnt Have Too Pay It Yo Father So Dead Beat Doinq Anythinq Possible To Be Out In The Streets He Made A Precious Girl He Dont Even Wannuh Keep How He Out Here Living Life Not Even Feelinq Incomplete Steady Talking How He Tryinq To Get Paper When You Grown Say IAint Seen Uh Fruit Too That Labor He Think He Do So Much But Doinq No Favors It Dont Hurt Now But Youll See What Im Seeinq LaterITryed Too Raeson With Yo Father But All He Do Is Say Im The One Who Make It Harder Im Trynna Make It Work & Make Our RelationShip Farther She Gone Relize You Aint Shit When She Grow & Get Smarter & You Dont Even care This Shid Aint Even Fare I Sware She Cry For You When You aint Even There It Aint About Us We Aint Gotta Be A Pair You Your Daughters Only Father There Will neva Be A Spare You Can Catch Her Call Somebody Else Daddy But You Choose To Abandon Her Sadly You Neva Have Time Cause You So-Called Trappinq But Gladly Everyday IMake My Daughter Happy & IAint Mad Cause You Aint Givinq Me No Wealth Its just Fu**ed Up I Gotta Rasise Your Child By Myself An It Aint Like IShot You Down & Then She Just Popped Up You Actinq Like IFu**ed My Self & Got Knocked Up.

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