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Digital Summer - Wanted To Love You Lyrics

As if they’re paved into the sidewalks
These city streets reflect my thoughts and moments
That should have been with you
I drown my visions in the rain
Lost among the roof tops
With a bottle your perfect name
A life we never knew (if you only knew)

I¼ve wanted to love you, for so long I need to
It’s the only thing left that my heart knows to do
I’ve wanted to love you for so long I just need to
Its the only thing left that this empty heart can do

As if they feel the pain in my thoughts
These streets lights blink in time as I walk
Consumed by images of you
What would I give just to relive
Every single second without you
To make this right and true id give anything


It so damn hard to capture the words
When I can’t kill the pain I can’t kill the hurt
On my knees I’m begging you to give me the chance
To give you the life you deserve


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