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Dj Khaled - Don't Get Me Started Lyrics

[Intro: Ace Hood]Y'all don't want to get me started hoeYou don't want to get me started hoeAce Hood! (Ace Hood){We the Best, Y.M.C.M.B.}[Chorus: Ace Hood]My nigga fuck what you say, my niggaz out for the cakeWas on the block every night, was on the block e'ry dayI do this shit for my fam, you do this shit for the fameI kept it real from the joint, and that's just how I remainDon't get me started, don't get me startedMy nigga, my nigga don't get me started, don't get me startedMy niggaz go real as they go so hard, so dumb retardedCause a nigga wanna think it's sweet then try meDon't get me started, don't get me started[Ace Hood]Okay now clique full of niggaz with tempersClique full of niggaz and killerWhen they cut me I don't pay themWith the two them nigga eyes rememberI'm the same lil nigga from the block hoeAnd I drive still walk with the Glock onI'm about that cream, guap' large onDon't get me started up hoeI come to whip in the PhantomY'all niggaz really can't stand itThem hoes really be jockinDiamonds done got them watchinSay Ace ain't gettin no moneyPussy, I beg your pardonYou don't wanna get me startedYou don't wanna see how I'm ballinOkay okay, what it look like?Well that good thang got and it's good nightWith a bad bitch, she's so thickShe rolling, I know thisAnd her neck gon' froze, better know thatAct up, I smell like a KodakAnd these niggaz these niggazThese niggaz these niggazThese niggaz these niggaz won't hold back[Chorus][Ace Hood]Okay them pussy niggaz be hatinFocus on what I'm makinCame through in that PhantomThem pussy niggaz can't take itSpent big bread on my chainStill on stroke with your mabeI'm rich nigga like yeah niggaThey hopin I stay the sameThey say I changed when I got fameBitch niggaz, they complainFlat black in that two doorNigga must think he Bruce WayneI'm like damn Hood, what it be like?Hold 'em down as your knee lightsNew bitch like e'ry daySwear to God you won't see her twiceThat purple that got me leaninThey don't wanna get me startedCome on this hook, no phonicsIntroduce this shit and go retardedChopper in the trunk in case your mood swingExtended clips that's standin tall - 2 Chainz[Chorus][Outro]EGH~!

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